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about's mission is to make our lives better with technology

The beating heart of is the free and open source toolkit, Felt ( @feltjs on GitHub). Felt was built from the ground up to be the sort of collaborative community tool we wanted to see more of on the internet. However, free and open source software projects often have issues with sustainability as it can be difficult to secure funding to support core developers.

Enter (@feltcoop on GitHub, Twitter, and Mastodon). The goal of is to build a business that can support and foster the Felt project. Through a member supported (i.e. monthly dues) social network and as a paid hosted service provider, we plan to build out the site as a collectively-owned platform, free of ads and investors, that supports & hosts communities that are human-scale, self-governed, consentful, private by default, and deeply customizable and programmable. All while sponsoring the underlying Felt project.

The Felt software alpha is planned to launch in Q1 2023. For updates subscribe to our our monthly newsletter and podcast.'s vision is more than just a website with features. It's an ambitious constellation of open source web software projects and a community and member/platform co-op all with a mission that puts people first. If we do it right, Felt is tech that feels good.

The company behind will be a democratic worker/platform co-op where us workers share equal ownership and control. We believe this model will help the business remain → accountable ← to its users, workers, and society. To learn more about why we chose this business structure, see our (forthcoming) blog post "Why is a co-op".Our reflects this goal while being up front about our current dictator status as workers.