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about Felt

Felt is a set of tools for building customizable self-governing communities. It seeks to empower us, help us organize, and improve our communication. It's a free and open source alternative to many websites and apps tucked into a warm fuzzy package.

tools for designing our digital lives

Our team is small and our goals are over the top. With the might of software we want to help people solve priority problems with joy. Felt is what the web should be.

Felt features (one day):
  • customizable tools for online and offline communities
  • chats and forums
  • malleable media that we design and share
  • advanced moderation and shared governance
  • polls and fun interactives
  • events and rsvps
  • note taking and sharing
  • tasks and todos and reminders
  • bookmarks and aggregation and adventure
  • p2p video, audio, messaging, etc
  • blogs and web publishing
  • commerce
  • maybe one day, galaxies of interesting communities to explore
  • client software that users fully control
  • client software that works with many service providers in a single app
  • server software that's easy to self-host
  • and more! much more

And Felt is more than a big bag of features. It's a customizable open source software platform, a community and business, a co-op of worker-owners, and we're working to become a platform co-op (communities owning themselves? absurd) — all with a purpose that puts people first. If we do it right, Felt is tech that feels good.

Felt The Business makes money (or will$$) by selling value to users. Mostly this is through subscription services and commerce mediation like Felt.social. We want a business model that keeps our incentives aligned with our users, so we accept no revenue from third parties like advertisers. You're a person so we will treat you like one. We hope to provide an amazing customer experience, but you can always export your data from our service to another.

The company behind Felt is a democratic worker co-op where us workers share equal ownership and control. We believe this model will help Felt The Business remain → accountable ← to its users, workers, and society. To learn more about why we chose this business structure, see our (forthcoming) blog post "Why Felt is a worker co-op". In the future, we want to explore the platform cooperative model to share control and ownership with our users. (you, we hope!) Our GOVERNANCE.md reflects this goal while being up front about our current dictator status as workers.

Some links:

But Felt is not ready yet. We have a long road ahead. It seems to be leading towards community building and democratic governance.

Felt is free and open source software released under the permissive MIT license (see Wikipedia), and it's designed to be easily self-hosted, so you can run a private instance for your communities and maintain full control.

Your feedback is 💚💚